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The business landscape is changing at an increasing rate, so companies must be willing to adapt or else they’ll be left behind. This is especially true for digital marketing. Here are 4 of the top trends that you should be aware of as you plan for 2019 and beyond.

Augmented reality
With the proliferation of smartphones, everyone has a computer with them everywhere they go, which gives them access to the internet from any location. Augmented reality provides information via the internet based on your location and what you’re trying to accomplish there.

One example that has been used is navigation apps. Not only do they help guide you to your destination, but they also provide information about all the streets and points of interest along the way.

For businesses, augmented reality could open many new possibilities for connecting with their customers. For example, location-triggered ads can help create more individualized and effective marketing.

Machine learning
Machine learning is a relatively new approach to computing that has been taking industries by storm. It allows a computer to learn similarly to the way a human would via artificial intelligence software. By feeding a machine learning system with enough information, it can find useful patterns and make valuable predictions. This gives companies the power to anticipate customer behavior and plan for shifts in the market.

Conversational apps
The ability to speak with devices with conversational language is becoming more prevalent. Analysts predict this type of interaction will soon surpass typed text searches. Apps such as Google Assistant and Alexa provide a wide variety of functions that make them basically a virtual assistant. As these apps gain better ability to understand spoken language, companies will need to tailor their marketing efforts to respond to this new consumer behavior.

Content becoming more interactive
As devices become more powerful and internet bandwidth grows, people will increasingly turn to video content rather than text or still images. Not only is video content an engaging medium, but live video streams create even more of a captivated and loyal audience. In live streams, the target audience can interact with the presenters in real time. This provides a powerful way for a brand to connect with the audience and convert sales.