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Any business owners understand the importance of utilizing social media for marketing goods and services their entities offer to the public. Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are well-known and commonly used. That said, there are other emerging social media platforms companies and organizations can use to promote their products. Take a look at a few of the budding social profiles that can help your business thrive.

Bumble Bizz
What began as a woman’s dating application, has morphed into an emerging professional networking site. This online destination enables users to upload their resumes, disclose special skills and provide work-related samples,, and projects that can be viewed by other members. Such a site can not only increase one’s professional network but potentially elicit new job opportunities.

This site has been known to many as an outlet for people to pose questions on various topics and have them answered by individuals with knowledge on said subjects. In recent times, Quora has expanded as a reputable online business forum. Site administrators now permit organizations with knowledge about given subjects to share their expertise with the online viewing public. An opportunity such as this, allows various business entities the chance to showcase their knowledge while promoting the services they offer.

The Dots
This site is a professional networking profile that encourages the establishment of connections and collaborations within the business world. That said, what makes The Dots a bit more unique is its focus on visual aids. Ergo, businesses that perform work or provide goods or services that can be conveyed through visual mediums like photos and videos stand the best chance of enjoying a significant benefit from this avenue.

Ning enables businesses to customize a professional online presence. However, because the site is responsive to a business’s needs, you will need to answer several questions prior to opening an account with them. Such inquiries include the exact content the business wishes to include, the audience being targeted and what the specific method of communication will be used to target those prospective clients or customers. Individuals who visit Ning often do so for quite specific interactions. Therefore, if a prospective business’s site is not specifically customized, visitors might lose interest in it.

This site enables companies to upload short video messages and advertisements. Much like Snapchat, TikTok is most often frequented by teenagers and young adults. Ergo, businesses providing goods or services that cater to such age groups might benefit the most from establishing an account.

When you are a new company or a business trying to reach out through new channels and audiences, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest social media profiles that have been created. Each one is making waves to create more connections through a different means of social media.