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In the last decade, the NBA has become a force to be reckoned with in terms of marketing and expanding their brand. The NBA is nothing’ but net when it comes to brand marketing, and you, too, can make a slam dunk by following their strategy.

Extend Your Brand through Line Extensions

By creating extensions of their brand, such as the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) and the NWBA (National Wheelchair Basketball Association) and NBA-China, the National Basketball Association has engaged a wider fan base and has even increased their relevance in select niches.

While this may seem easier said than done, it could be as simple as creating diverse social media pages and handles associated with the niche audience you would like to tap.

Pump Out Engaging Content

NBA fans want content so that’s exactly what they get. The NBA churns out blog posts, game recaps, behind-the-scenes footage, videos, and articles. And their content isn’t bland either.

Your brand can capitalize on this strategy as well. Create a place for your target audience to seek out information. Make a commitment to posting at least one piece of visual and text content a day and watch your brand soar.

Not only that, but you could also tap individual players on your team who may already maintain a robust online presence to promote the brand. Part of the NBA’s increased popularity comes from the players on each team engaging with their own respective audiences and building alliances with other large brands. Those connections benefit the NBA and allow the organization as a whole to stay relevant.

Make Yourself Visible

The NBA takes the lead in professional sports when it comes to its social media presence. According to an analysis done by Nielsen Sports, 20-50% of the combined media value generated for the NBA’s sponsors came from the NBA’s social media platforms. By posting a wide variety of content to their social media platforms, the NBA has managed to garner 1.1 million instances of their logo appearing on social media. Not to mention keeping their followers engaged.

You can grow your brand’s visibility by utilizing your social media outlets. Pay attention to the platforms your target audience gravitates to and actively engage with them on those platforms. Comment and like their posts. Creating an online presence that personalizes and humanizes your brand will go a long way to increase your engagement and earn followers. Using a range of post types will allow you to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Your brand may not be a major sports empire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with the big boys. Just watch and learn from the pros and you’ll be ahead of the game in no time.