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Great leadership and leadership skills are not always something you are born with. Many times, to become a great leader you must be willing to learn and hone in on the skills that will make you the best you can be. Leadership profoundly impacts the performance of an organization whether it is positive or negative. The best way to create that positive performance impact is by learning what makes a great leader and how you can inspire and empower your employees.

One crucial aspect of leadership is the many different leadership styles that are out there. The style you choose is heavily dependent on the type of organization and employees you have in your business. A good leader understands the differences between being a boss or manager and being an inspiring leader. Instead of treating employees as if they were your subordinates, you give them the tools to create alongside you, encouraging each person to participate in a team effort and bring their specific skills to the table.

Communication is an essential part of being a good leader. This goes along with motivating that team mentality and effort. There are many different ways you can monitor the growth of your team and team members, but the best way is through communication. Understanding the personalities of your team and their different styles of work ethic is crucial to measuring their successes and how to make sure they aren’t falling behind. Learning how your team handles different situations and the overall mood depending on what is happening either within the organization or personally, can create that window of trust and openness.

Along with understanding leadership styles comes the utilization of those styles within your team. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you will need to adjust your leadership style to address what is going on with your team or within the organization. Being blunt about numbers or making time to converse with your team as a whole to start each day are two completely different styles of leadership that come into play to handle certain situations. The switch between styles will help to understand problems, motivate your team, and handle difficult issues as they arise.

To be a good leader, you must immerse yourself within the organization. Creating a team effort atmosphere helps to let your employees know that you are in this together and do not feel they are lesser than you.