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When starting your business or figuring out your online marketing strategy, two techniques come into play which is push and pull marketing. There are significant differences between the two that any good marketer will understand before determining which is best for their current strategies. Pull marketing, in the simplest of terms, are tactics to get your customers to come to you. Push marketing is the complete opposite where companies take their products directly to the customers.

Push marketing works as a promotional tactic for companies to be able to push their products at their current and potential customers. Push marketing comes into play once your business has spent a fair amount of their budget on their online strategies, thankfully there are many different techniques to utilize.

One technique to use is Google in-market audiences. In-market audiences are defined as a specific audience of people researching for a particular product or service. These consumers are ones who are also comparing products across Google. Being able to target this audience through Google ads and search tactics can serve as a great way to reach your potential audience of customers interested in your particular goods and services.

Banner ads are another growth strategy for businesses to use for an affordable pay per click in getting their name out there. Companies can utilize banner ads on websites that are closely related to their products, buy ad space, and get their information out there. Similar audience campaigns can be a great tool to meet a larger goal to help expand your business. With the similar audience campaign, you can take a look at the similarities and differences between users you have converted from your site and see who’s behaviors align from the new list that you can reach out to.

Facebook is also a way to utilize a target audience which is labeled as behaviors and demographics. If you can target the correct audience, Facebook is able to work well for your strategy. The behaviors and demographics are defined by the audiences shopping preferences and credit card use, as well as what their needs are. There are many other aspects that you can tap into as well, which makes Facebook a reliable tool if used correctly. Twitter works the same way in creating Twitter ads, being able to target your audience based on demographics and behaviors.

With these strategies, businesses are able to reach out to new audiences rather than continuing to tire their existing customers with continuous information and new products. Each tactic can be utilized well to create that extra push in order to generate new sales and scale your business.