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The cities that startups call home determine the type of funding, performance, talent and market reach entrepreneurs have access to. Wondering which city to move to in order to guarantee startup success? Let’s dive into the list and determine which cities offer the best in each of these categories.

Bangalore, India
As India’s very own Silicon Valley, Bangalore ranks as the 11th best city for startups. Though it is lacking by way of startup experience and funding it makes up for in performance.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
When it comes to a ranking by performance, Amsterdam outranks Bangalore as one of the best places for startups that are both efficient and productive. Though one of the top-tier cities for startups, Amsterdam comes in at number 19 in terms of talent.

Chicago, Illinois
Once home to the industrial revolution, Chicago is now a popular location for startups to get their bearings. The windy city comes in at 20th place in terms of market reach for startups.

Sydney, Australia
Coming in at 10th place for funding, Sydney is one of the more lucrative choices for startups looking to grow their business. However, when considering performance, Sydney ranks at 20th place.

Toronto, Ontario
Ranking 5th for its level of market reach and coming in 12th for its funding, Toronto is one of the best choices for entrepreneurs looking to build their startups. Despite this, Toronto is ranked in 18th place for startup experience and performance, as well as attracting talent.

What Singapore lacks in startup experience, it makes up for in talent. As Singapore ranks in 1st place for its access to talent, it is one of the most compelling cities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Seattle, Washington
It’s no coincidence that Seattle is home to top-tier tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft. Ranking in 3rd place for its access to talent and in 6th place for startup experience, Seattle is one of the highest-ranking cities across the board.

While the secret to finding startup success is multi-faceted, location plays a major role in whether a small business will fail or thrive. Entrepreneurs should carefully choose what city to build their empire in if they hope to truly make an impact.