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Anyone within the marketing world understands there is a substantial difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Studies have shown that most consumers will use their digital devices to research and look at reviews before purchasing a product online. Most everything happens on a mobile device these days which is precisely why companies produce apps and create mobile-friendly websites.

Consumers want the convenience of shopping online and being able to do everything at the touch of their fingertips. This is why digital marketing has become such a vast wave of marketing over the years. But, it is true that there is still a place and time for traditional marketing in this world.

Traditional marketing deals with print ads, outdoor advertising such as billboards, direct mailings and postcards, and television commercials. Although so much has been digitized nowadays, there are still a large number of people who watch television with commercials and buy magazines that include dozens of advertisements. The super bowl is a huge advocate of traditional marketing because there are so many views that watch specifically for the commercials.

The problem with traditional marketing is the costs associated with it. The cost to print an ad and make a commercial that will reach a targeted audience can be substantial, especially to small businesses that don’t have the capital to do so. Although these are marketing tacts can work wonders for companies who have the money to do so, digital marketing has created solutions to the ongoing cost problem.  

Analytics can be utilized in digital marketing and assist in targeting specific audiences and their needs. It creates a way to use your dollars towards digital advertising that gains interest which serves as a metric you can measure very quickly. Many businesses are adopting these tactics to further their marketing tactics without spending big money.

Although digital marketing is starting to take the reins in the marketing world, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is out. There are many different industries where digital marketing is key including the automobile, travel, and fashion industries. It essential to figure out your marketing budget and what is going to work best for your company and target audience. There are many ways to market products, but the key is finding the best tactics for your budget.